Estremadura is a destination to enjoy slow tourism

We would recommend birdwatching at the National Park of Monfragüe and visiting towns and villages, many of them World Heritage sites.

Estremadura is the land of explorers and conquerors. There are some wasteland spots but most of the province has luxuriant landscapes, far from tourism and waiting to be discovered. It is also the setting for films such as Game of Thrones.

We would take you to discover the Extremadura grassland accompanied by a local farmer. We will show you the breeding process of the Iberian pig and, of course, taste this delicatessen.

In spring time, you can see the white-covered Jerte’s Valley due to the beautiful cherry blossom. Taste all different varieties of cherry and learn about the nature and traditions of this territory.


Monfrague is the National Park and Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO.

On the “salto del gitano” entire groups of black vultures nest, among other species. Monfrague is a transit point and place of residence of many migratory birds. It is a worldwide reference for bird watching, photography and nature lovers. Many special and unique birds live here, some of them are at risk of extinction such as the black vulture.

You would have a guided visit accompanied by our local bird and naturalist experts. You would be able to take your perfect bird photos and discover an amazing natural park nearby some of the loveliest villages of Extremadura, namely Trujillo or Cáceres.


Medieval streets and vestiges of a previous epoch are the common denominator of these two unique cities.

Each stone has a piece of history. You would find narrow streets that end in a beautiful square covered by a flagstone pavement. A beautiful place to take a seat, have a coffee or simply learn about their history.

Caceres has an important renaissance legacy; numerous palaces, buildings and a co-cathedral will take you to another epoch. In front of the main square, you will find the most beautiful gothic façade of the Royal Monastery of Guadalupe Church; also, World Heritage Site.

Merida (Augusta Emérica), has at the city entrance a copy of the Loba Capitalina of Rome that protects the whole city. This place is internationally known for its theatre festival that takes place in an extremely well conserved Roman theatre. Its streets and buildings are the result of all civilization that have passed by; Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians. Among others, you would be able to visit the roman bridge over the Guadiana River or Diana’s Temple.


This route includes both province of Estremadura; Caceres and Badajoz. You will discover their history and culture through the history of their conquerors and distinguished explorers.

Plasencia, where culture and nature come together. Home town of Ms. Inés de Suárez, co-founder of Santiago de Nueva Extremadura, today called Santiago de Chile.
Trujillo, conquerors hometown of Mr. Francisco Pizarro and Mr. Francisco de Orellana; discoverers of Peru and Amazonas River. On their way back to Trujillo many palaces and churches were built by them.
Caceres, World heritage city and home town of Mr. Francisco de Godoy, mayor of Lima, Peru in 1536.
Villanueva de la Serena, home town of Mr. Pedro de Valdivia, discovered Chile and co-founder of Santiago de Chile with Ms. Inés de Suárez.
Mérida, World Heritage city for its important roman legacy and place of birth of Mr. Juan Rodríguez Suárez, founder of the first settlement in Venezuela, called Mérida.
Badajoz, known for its square “alta”. Hometown of Mr. Pedro de Albarado y Contreras, great explorer that participated in the conquering of Salvador, Honduras y Guatemala.
Jerez de los Caballeros, place of birth of the first person who saw the Pacific Ocean, Mr. Vasco Núñez de Balboa


Iberian Ham, Torta del Casar cheese, Red pepper from La Vera, cherries from The Jerte Valley and 100% ecological foie from Pallarés.

Iberian Ham is internationally recognized as one of the tastiest foods of the World. You would visit Extremadura’s grassland accompanied by a local farmer. We will show you the breeding process of the Iberian pig and taste this delicatessen. If you wish, we can send some to your home, so that when you are back you will continue experiencing the Spanish Iberian Ham flavor.

The cheese called Torta del Casar, is a creamy sheep cheese with a bitter taste. You will taste many different types and learn about the elaboration process.

The Sousa foie is 100% ecological. Gooses graze freely in 500 hectares of grassland in the province of Badajoz.
Barack Obama loved it when he tasted it. This product has a delicatessen category and has been internationally recognized as being of the same level of some of the best French foie.

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