North of Spain signifies; nature, kind people and excellent gastronomy. This destination has been marked by its ancient wisdom, local traditions and untouched beauty.

Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria or Basque Country have beautiful beaches and rugged mountains, interesting wineries and ciders. It is also the path of pilgrims from all over the world that takes them through some of the most beautiful villages of Spain on their fantastic journey to Santiago de Compostela.
Local gastronomy in the north is unique and recognized as one of the best in the world. Enjoy this land accompanied by a chef or savor the taste of traditional food as a local. This could be your next experience in this incredible and authentic area of Spain.


Staying in an Asturian country house and having dinner at one of their gastronomic pearl restaurants. Visiting an oyster farm, learning to open them and of course tasting them. This could be a perfect romantic or family getaway for you.

You could visit its small villages placed on carved-out steep hills or nearby open beaches, surrounded by infinite green lands. Descending Sella’s River along deep forests on a rushing river could be your perfect experience. Or, walking north along the Camino de Santiago (the famous Saint James’ route) enjoying the magnificent Sea views.

Friendly and happy people, lovers of good food and, of course, the cider. You will be able to visit some of the best and unique cheese farms in the World; Cabrales and Gamoneu, among others.

Discover pre-Romanesque art from Asturias – IX century, the vibrant city of Gijón and the elegant and chic city of Oviedo. You could also explore the mines route thanks to one of its most fascinating itineraries; the relics route.

It’s time to come back to Paradise, it is time to enjoy Asturias.


Bilbao has undergone a metamorphosis over the years together with the type of visitor that frequents this area. Well balanced, preserving its old bridges and spirit and includes new architectural masterpieces and cultural movements.

Its culinary tendencies are known worldwide, as well as its most traditional cuisine. You will visit some of the best restaurants in the World such as the one found at the Guggenheim Museum, touring their kitchen and enjoying a wonderful gourmet experience.

Surrounded by mountains. Bilbao is just amazing.

A few kilometers away, you will explore the country side of Bilbao. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is an idyllic place and is dedicated to Saint John, the Baptist. Next to it, you will find a shelter and a lookout point, offering stunning views. This is the perfect place to admire the Cantabria Sea and make a wish.


September is the harvest festival. Rioja wines are famous and a worldwide reference.  We will suggest a route you can take along some of the most enchanting villages. Beautiful landscapes to the wineries on one side and to the Cantabria Mountains on the other, luxury accommodation and vanguard architecture as well as sustainable seasonal local gastronomy.

Enjoy the pleasure of tasting local products, coming from a land with no extra frills.


The beach called “cathedral” shows us how rocks were sculpted by wind and water over the years. Galicia has one of the best beaches in the world found at the National Park of Atlantic Islands and we invite you to enjoy it.

Taste the best sea food and observe the thousands of pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela or maybe you could be part of this pilgrimage experience, and for that we ensure you have the best accommodation, logistic and gastronomy services.

Galicia is linked to Saint John’s Way (Camino de Santiago). This emotive experience means not only physical activity but also new friends, new cultures and languages, visiting world heritage sites, delicious food and wine, inner spiritual connection, and of course, good memories.

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