The Islands

Small treasures with their own identity and amazing diversity

You will feel the different traditions of the Canary and Balearic Islands.
Canary Islands have a unique nature and cultural richness that deserve a visit at least once in a lifetime.
Balearic Archipelago offer to their visitors a unique experience of enjoying stunning transparent water and white fine sandy beaches.


Sant Antoni exhibits the best sunset of the Islands. Each evening, hundreds of people enjoy this natural spectacle to the rhythm of Ibiza’s chill out music. You will also enjoy it from other exclusive spots on the island.

Ibiza is also a reference for its local gastronomy products; cheeses, wines and seafood and fish.

Accompanied by a local chef, you will visit a local market, and enjoy a show cooking. You will taste tradition and vanguard on the island.

Enjoy a sailing experience to the island of Formentera, swim in the transparent water and take a trip by motorbike or cycle along this natural paradise.


We suggest you stay in a typical Payes Balearic house, made out of yellow stone surrounded by extensive gardens and nearby transparent water and white fine sandy beaches.  Stay in sustainable accommodation or spend a few days in a yoga and wellness center to find your inner and physical balance.

You will see the most unknown side of the Balearic Island; enchanting loving villages, local gastronomy and trekking routes to explore the intense life of two different islands.


These Islands have plenty of wild life and plants such as the laurel forest, starry skies perfect for astronomy and amazing trekking routes to explore and discover all their diversity.

Our expert local guides will show you their wines and gastronomy, special villages and outdoor activities to make the most of your holidays.


Tenerife is full of possibilities. You will take part in a family lunch to experience the real loving character and traditions of the Canary people. We will take you on a gastronomy tour around the island. It will be a very peculiar one, all with locals, doing as locals do, in Guachinches! (Guachinches are rough ‘n’ ready makeshift restaurants that are often set up in someone’s garage, but they can pretty much turn up anywhere)

You will choose where to stay between some of the most luxury hotels in the country or very nice traditional houses placed in small villages.

Landscape from south to north is completely different and, right in the middle of the island; Teide’s volcano, a beautiful National Park to visit.

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