We love Andalusia, land of festivals and traditions, history, nature and of course, wine and tapas.

You will walk through popular neighborhoods to visit unique monuments such as The Giralda in Seville or The Alhambra in Granada, or Saint Nicolas in Granada, that as quoted by Bill Clinton, “has the most beautiful sunset in the World”

You will visit Pablo Picasso’s Museum in Malaga or the archaeological site of Baelo Claudia in Tarifa where you can also enjoy bathing at this beach.

Many things to show and to tell about Andalusia.


Cordoba has the biggest heritage patrimony urban area of the World and it is the second biggest historic center of Spain and Europe.

We would love to show you some of the most magical secret places of this town. A visit to the Mosque and the Alcazar and also, combine your trip with a flamenco show and enjoy local gastronomy.

We recommend a private and guided nocturnal visit to the city. It is our privilege to show you the Romanesque bride, the Jewish, Alcazar and Mosque-Cathedral and of course, its narrow alleys and night live.

If you are visiting Cordoba in spring time, you will enjoy the festival of the flowers and private court yards; we will explain its origins, curiosities, secrets, ceramic tiles, lattices, trees, water fonts, etc. Tradition and decoration of the Muslim past has survived the passing of time.

You will be able to visit an Andalusian farm house. Visit real fighting bulls breeding livestock and tasting its typical local products; cheese, wine and extra virgin olive oil.


Cadiz is a magical land where extraordinary things occur. A special place that makes you feel transformed, excited and makes you happy. Tartessos and Phoenicians visited more than 3000 years ago, building the former Gadir and turning it into the most ancient capital of the western province. Discover through its 44 municipalities their nature, customs and culture of one of the most beautiful corners of Andalusia.

You will be able to walk through its most popular streets and enjoy its most amusing carnivals and traditional festivals.

The white sandy beaches of Cadiz are huge and have favorable conditions for the practice of surf and kitesurf. Would you like to try?

You will taste the most special local gastronomy; fried fish and some other tasty curiosities that can be paired with fine wines from Jerez.


Seville is one of those unforgettable places of Spain. It is truly authentic. That may be the reason why all born and bred people from Seville are so proud of their city. The city has many different sides. First you will come across The Giralda, Cathedral, and Alcazar. A little further you will discover new treasures such as the Santa Cruz neighborhood, full of bars that are oozing history and Museums such as the Murillo Museum.

And going a bit further on, you will see the most modern part of the city, with the monument called “la seta” or participate in a traditional Flamenco party accompanied by the best local hostesses. You will discover the city from both sides of Guadalquivir’s River, including Triana or enjoy a romantic experience from a roof top with spectacular views of the Giralda or from a restaurant with views of the river and of course, stay in one of their very special hotels.

We will create the perfect plan for you.


The Alhambra is the most visited monument in Spain.

The sunset from Saint Nicola is spectacular. Sierra Nevada at the back and The Alhambra colored in red by the sun light.

In the Alpujarras, in Sierra Nevada, you will discover small villages plenty of artesian and thermal waters. Peaceful and isolated Valley, still preserves their traditions. Special accommodations nearby the sea and the mountains is offered in The Alpujarras. Tropical weather in the coast and mostly national tourism is a great option to also discover Spain from a non-tourist point of view.

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